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Why is Oxford, Mississippi becoming known as one of the "Best Places To Live" (or Retire) by many of today's major publications, broadcast media, and real estate experts? For the answer to this question all one has to do is stroll down the streets of Oxford's restored "The Square" and ask anybody. They will all tell you, "There's now small town in America quite like Oxford. It has its own personality, one you can't explain but something you have to experience from within." It is truly 'A Place For All People', with something appealing to everyone and plenty of thing to enjoy.

Established in 1836 and county seat of Lafayette County, it took its name from Oxford, England with the desire of becoming the home of Mississippi´s first university.In 1848 this dream came true when the doors first opened at the newly formed University of Mississippi, now affectionately known as "Ole Miss". Today it is one of the Nation´s and the South´s finest Universities with a vast curriculum of studies.

Through the years, 'Ole Miss' has been the center of influence for this North Central Mississippi small town. It has been not only from an economic but a cultural and literary standpoint as well.Oxford has produced many authors, journalists, poets, and artists such as, Larry Brown, Beth Ann Fennelly, Barry Hannah, Willie Morris, Cynthia Shearer just to name a few, in addition to novelist John Grisham who still maintains a residence here.Nobel Prize winning author William Faulkner is probably the most noteworthy of all, and his restored antebellum home "Rowan Oaks" continues attract thousands of visitors each year.

Other benefits the University provides the citizens of Oxford are facilities such as the Gertrude Ford Center for the Performing Arts.The Center is host to various plays, such as a Shakespeare Festival, performances with name artists, concerts, and is also home for many productions by various departments of the University.

Located on or near the campus, you´ll also find fine museums, The Powerhouse Art Center, and other art galleries. These and other University event are generally open to the public, which again adds quality to Oxford's lifestyle, usually only found in large metropolitan areas.

In the Fall of each year, Oxford doubles its population when the students return to "Ole Miss".This creates a cheerful and lively atmosphere, and the attitude of the students is amazing. They amazingly will greet you on the street with a polite smile, which seems to say, "Thank you for sharing your town with us".This is also the time SEC Sports (NCAA Southeastern Conference) for both men and women returns to Oxford.On any 'Game Day' the town turns into an array of bright colors and good spirited excitement, with tailgating held at "The Grove" on the University campus, where the occasional shout, "Are you ready ror some Football?" will ring out and arouse those gathering there. This is an experience you have to see to believe and enjoy.

The city of Oxford has retained much of its old southern charm thanks to a civic emphasis on historic preservation. This is especially evident in the revitalized downtown area of Oxford, known as "The Square". Here old stores, lined with ornate iron balconies, have been turned into boutiques, art shops, and many fine restaurants with cuisines to satisfy any appetite.The cornerstone of "The Square" is "Square Books" a charming and well-known bookstore, which feature first editions books and almost weekly author book signings.In the center of "The Square" is the beautiful and stately Courthouse, which was reconstructed following the Civil War.

Off "The Square" is reminiscent of a smaller and refined version of New Orleans, earning the nickname of "The Little Easy", with its watering holes and live entertainment. This creates a lively and festive feel, yet it is a safe and comfortable area to visit. Likewise, many old buildings and warehouses near downtown have been turned into luxurious townhomes and condominiums and brings residential real estate right to the heart of downtown.

Bottom line, Oxford is a wonderful quiet "small town" you´ll love living in.It provides all one would want for a quality way of life, including great schools, shopping, dining, entertainment, sports, civic organizations, religious activities, and special interest groups.All of this and more are available in a very low crime environment, where everything is either within walking distance or just a short 5-10 minute drive away.In addition, you have a wide array of homes in which to chose from in all price ranges. In Oxford, you can own anything from a restored antebellum home; nice traditional styled resale home; condos; or new construction, such as "Grand Oaks" which surrounds the new Jim Fazio designed "Country Club of Oxford".

All of this is just a brief overview of what all Oxford, Mississippi has to offer. For more complete details and other information visit Wikitravel, and see why 'National Geographic Traveler' said, "Sophisticated little Oxford is waiting for you". Once you visit here, you'll never want to leave and will decide just as we did. "There is no place we would rather live and own real estate."

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